A young Roscoe girl with cancer has vowed to fight back after being bullied at her school.

It's a question that many of us are wondering why we are still asking in 2018. How can kids be so cruel?

Sammy Roberson of Roscoe lost her leg from cancer a few years ago. After the surgery, she has had to go through chemo. To make matters worse, this past December, Sammy had to have another surgery to remove more bone from her leg.

You can only imagine how tough cancer is on a child, but what Sammy had to go through prior to her most recent surgery was uncalled for. A few days before going into the hospital, Sammy was bullied at her school by other children. One child even said to her:

maybe she'll have brain cancer and die this time

Don't get me wrong, but yes, I'm aware that kids will say mean things, but comments like this are uncalled for.

After Sammy informed her mother about the comments made by some of the kids, her mother took to Facebook to make others aware of the bullying that was going on in her school. Karen Roberson posted on Facebook:

Hi everyone I want to thank you all for having such passion about my post. Im truely sorry i caused anger,that definately wasn't my intention.Bullying is everywhere,and today got the best of me because i was worried to begin with. So I complained instead of just making it between me and the school.I have been to the school,and sammy has talked to her counselor about bullinging and insensitivity.I finally told sammy about the post and she said please tell everyone its not the teachers' fault they have their hands full. I now have a friend who is working on something as far as a guest speaker for bullying.If he agrees and he can, i will reach out with both arms to help make it happen.

Despite the bullying, Sammy is one heck of a strong and determined girl. In fact, before she went into surgery in December, she sponsored her own toy drive and collected gifts for other children with cancer . She has vowed to fight back and bring to light the plague knows as bullying. In a video her mom made public, Sammy had these (unspoken) words to say about bullying.

Sammy, we look forward to your future video about bullying. You are a strong girl and a true inspiration to everyone. Keep up the good fight.

It is so important that parents talk to their kids and have a long conversation about bullying.

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