I am a Cub fan. Personally, I think anyone who's from Illinois has a soft spot for the "Lovable Losers". Today for the "Lunch Tray Trivia" I shared an interesting fact about Wrigley Field.Did you know what we now call Wrigley Field was actually Weeghman Park in 1915? Chad from Genoa, IL knew this and he won a pair of tickets to see Phil Vassar this July 31st. Chad, I'm seriously impressed I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't already knew the answer today.

After finding out that little nugget of history I couldn't help but wonder about how the Cubs came to be at such a nostalgic place as "Wrigley Field". Do you know about the history of the place? Check out this article I found about the "11 Things You didn't Know about Wrigley Field".

For instance, did you know the Cubs were originally called the Chi-Feds for the being part of the Federal League in 1915? I didn't. Or that the ivy planted on the Center Field wall was planted by a former Chicago White Sox owner, Bill Veek Sr.? Nope, I didn't know that either.

I love history and thought this to be pretty interesting in learning about a baseball field and team that holds so many nostalgic memories not only for myself but for all the Cub & baseball fans alike.

With baseball's opening day approaching, next Monday the 31st. I have dreams of the Cubs clinching the pennant and winning that World Series. Hey, Miracles can happen!Go Cubs Go!