Nothing better on a hot summer day than to col down with a sweet treat of ice cream with your friends.

Breyers is giving out ice cream for free to all BFF's, but it won't be happening in Rockford.

Why Not?

According to NBC Chicago Breyers Ice Cream is celebrating National Best Friends Day tomorrow by giving out free pints of ice cream to any one who tweets "#BreyersBFF, [followed by] two emojis - the two hearts emoji and an ice cream emoji."

But... they will only deliver the two pints of ice cream, for your and your BFF, if you live in Chicago.

How it works is at Noon tomorrow, June 8th, Chicagoans are to tweet the above #, then a website link will be sent to them to set up delivery for the ice cream.

This deal will be available while supplies last.

I mean, that's really cool. I'd do it too.

It stinks that we're not in Chicago.

Come on Breyers, really?

What about the rest of us in Illinois? We have BFF's too?

Is there any Ice Cream shop here in Rockford doing something like this?

I mean getting some homemade ice cream from Dairyhaus in Rockton would be super awesome not to mention yummy!

Or what about The Union Dairy in Freeport? Oh please tell me this can happen.

Wishful thinking I know, but stranger things have happened.







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