On Tuesday night (Dec. 19), the final four contestants on The Voice met up to see who would take home the title for the season. Addison Agen, Brooke Simpson, Red Marlow and Chloe Kohanski performed with guests including Sia, Billy Idol, Norah Jones and Vince Gill, while waiting to see the eagerly awaited results.

However, before the show even started, things became entertaining. The finale opened up with a funny skit starring none other than Coach Blake Shelton, who played off the famous 1985 film Back to the Future.

Waking up late and jumping into a DeLorean in a frantic attempt to make it to the Voice set on time, Shelton found himself transported decades in the past -- where he bumped into none other than Billy Ray Cyrus, wheeling a baby carriage.

Of course, that baby carriage happened to hold Coach Miley Cyrus (who gave the camera one of her famous tongue thrusts). Meanwhile, a flustered Shelton tried to explain to her dad that he was the country music coach on the Voice.

"You're not a country singer," the elder Cyrus (sporting his signature mullet) matter-of-factly told Shelton, pointing out that he doesn't have the right hairstyle. "That guy, that's a country singer."

Shelton turned around to face ... his younger self. Yes, the early aughts Shelton, complete with mullet, who appeared confused by his short-haired doppelganger.

"I'm you, in the future," Shelton protested to the younger Blake, who replied, "Do you have any advice for me?"

"Yeah--cut the hair!" spat Shelton, before jumping into the DeLorean and making it to the Voice set with just a minute to spare.

Lucky for him, because the show was certainly hyped to be an all-star extravaganza! Who won? Check in later to find out.

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