Blake Shelton shares a hilarious story about his early years on the road in an interview to promote his new album, Body Language. Talking to the Rob + Holly Show, the country superstar reveals why he once flushed a bag of weed down the toilet at a McDonald's in Birmingham, Ala. — because, as he recalls, he thought he was going to jail otherwise.

Hosts Rob Stone and Holly Hutton asked Shelton to share some of the strangest places he's performed gigs over the course of his career. Shelton didn't hesitate, launching into a story about a radio station promo gig he played early in his career that involved the young artist pumping gas for patrons at an Exxon in Connecticut.

“The other one was in Birmingham,” Shelton recalls (quote via “I had to do a breakfast performance at a McDonald’s down there for the radio station."

Shelton was promoting his self-titled debut album at the time, and he performed his two earliest No. 1 hits, "Austin" and Ol' Red," acoustically for a live radio remote. When he was done, "this guy pulls into the McDonald’s and he’s kind of standing off to the side, and he’s like, ‘Hey, man, you’re Blake, right?’ I go, ‘Yeah, it’s good to meet you,’ you know, and he said, “I brought something for you,’ and he handed me this little paper sack."

With the radio spot finished, Shelton went and sat down to talk to the radio station's staff, and as they were schmoozing, he looked in the sack the man had given him.

"And it was a bag of weed," he shares as Stone and Hutton burst out laughing. "And I remember thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I just got set up, like, he handed me this bag of weed and like, are the police going … I had no idea what was going on. I ran to the bathroom and flushed it all down the toilet, you know — which I would have never done now, right, I’d be like, ‘Hey, hey!’ At the time, you know, I was 24 years old in Alabama, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I just got set up. I’m going to jail.’ But I didn’t.”

Hear Shelton tell the hysterical story in the clip below:

Shelton has scored 28 No. 1 hits to date, most recently hitting the top spot with his fiancee, Gwen Stefani, and their duet on "Happy Anywhere." His current single, "Minimum Wage," appears on Body Language, which dropped on May 21.

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