Blake Shelton has been on a 24-hour Twitter binge, responding to rumors that girlfriend Gwen Stefani is pregnant, plus accusations that he's "gone Hollywood." The "Gonna" singer joked that he was indeed pregnant, but delivered the baby Friday morning.

Tabloid covers have been fueling rumors about Stefani carrying the couple's child. There's been no official confirmation, evidence that the stories are true or identified source behind any of the claims. Like he's done in the past, the country star chose to have a little fun with it. In response to a follower’s comment that he’d read indicating Shelton had fathered a love child, Shelton quipped: “Ha!!! You too!!! Damn I’m fertile!!"

Since becoming a coach on The Voice, Shelton has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, which has led to finger-pointing that he's lost his country edge. User @Freedomcola80 referred to Shelton's Hollywood status in a tweet, and the singer saw it. "Ohh… So you read that bulls––t i was just talking about huh? Well.. Good luck!!!” Shelton responded with photo evidence that he's as country as ever. Pictures of him in the woods and being photobombed by Narvel Blackstock make up the proof.

The first live episode of The Voice aired on NBC this week. The Top 12 singers will begin competing next week.

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