Finally, Binny's Beverage Depot is coming to Rockford!

Why do I say finally? Because, every time I mention I need a specific bottle of wine to my dad he says, 'can't you just go get it at Binny's?'

And I have to say, no! We don't have a Binny's!

But, that won't be true for much longer.

Why is Binny's so great? I dunno it just is. But honestly, as far as I know Binny's has the biggest selection of beer, wine and liquor at the most reasonable prices. Plus they have fun gifts.

I might be the first in line when they open up in Rockford in the old Forever 21.

Though the article doesn't say if they will for sure be opening that day, we can keep our fingers crossed. It would be just in time for some red, white and blue wine. And believe me, they have all three colors at Binny's.

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