If you're addicted to streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, get ready to take a bigger hit to your pocketbook if the Illinois legislator gets its way. 

Apparently Illinois lawmakers think the answer to a balanced budget is taxing the public more to use the things we love. Y'all, this burns me, as I'm sure it does you too. It's already nearly impossible for a family on a budget to go out for fun, and now we'll have to pay more

This Netflix tax amendment is just the most recent in a slew of bill proposals to raise the Income tax in Illinois. It joins the ranks with the proposed sugary beverage tax and increased taxes on other services like laundry, tanning, tattoo and more. Not to mention the proposed 5% Amusement Tax in Rockford. Good grief, I'm confused and beyond irritated.

According to an article on mystateline.com;

The amendment would apply a 6.25% sales tax to not only internet streaming sites like Netflix and Spotify, but your next cable bill could also see a higher amount due if the measure is approved.

A vote on this amendment has not been called for yet, and I guess the good thing is a lot of Illinois officials feel there are still too many unanswered questions surrounding it. I hope that means this proposal gets stops in its tracks.

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