The "Big Win" Bowling Tournament is coming to Rockford starting this weekend. In fact, it's a five year plan. Here's more.


A bowling series that will last the next five years equals longevity for our local bowling lanes. The "Big Win" Bowling Tourney will utilize all local bowling alleys. The Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau tells WREX TV-13, "Organizers of these types of tournaments enjoy how easy Rockford is to navigate, along with how affordable it is for their guests".


Julian Finney, Getty Images for DAGOC


Translate that and it means hotels, restaurants, shopping, all good income for Rockford's economy.

According to WREX TV-13, "Bowling tournaments will come in and bring $850,000 of spending. That's $850,000 going into our restaurants and our mom and pop shops and our gas stations and our hotels".

Up first for our community, The Illinois Women's Bowling Association State finals will take place at Don Carter & Park Lanes starting this Friday.

As they say, 'Ladies First'. A bit of advise, make sure you check lane availability before you plan parties or big groups just to be safe.

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You never know who you may see while having bowling fun.