Rockford Police say a group of males were driving around Rockford on Tuesday, July 18 shooting pedestrians and vehicles with a BB gun, and now they need our help locating the suspects. 
I have the Nextdoor app on my phone, and on Tuesday night I saw this post on my neighborhood's board that had me saying, "what the what?!?"

Nextdoor app
Nextdoor app


I later found out that this incident happened ON MY STREET, and that is NOT o.k.!  Scarier yet,  this was not a one-time occurrence. The suspects were on a drive-by BB gun shooting spree Tuesday night according to the Rockford Police Department.


This is no joke, and absolutely ridiculous. Rockford Scanner reports that the Rockford Police responded to about 20 "simple battery" complaints from these BB gun attacks, and here's some pictures they received of the victims' injuries.

Rockford Police say to be on the look out for a Red Jeep SUV, but several of my neighbors on the Nextdoor app are saying they saw a green Jeep, so  I guess if you drive a Jeep at all, I'm scared of you.

Be safe, my friends and let's help the police find these jerks responsible.


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