When I first noticed people from Illinois taking sides on social media for which local food joint had the best Italian Beef Pie, I had to ask myself one question.

What the heck is an Italian Beef Pie?

According to a recipe for I.B.P. on the Pillsbury website, the ingredients look very similar to what you would have on a pizza but will be in pie form, similar to a quiche.

Now that we know what to expect when we bite into a traditional Italian Beef Pie, what are the best restaurants and pizza parlors in the northern Illinois area that serve up this savory dish?

According to a recent debate over the best Italian Beef Pie between Rosati's and Moscato's, several other suggestions for local eateries were posted on the "What's Happening in Belvidere" Facebook page.

Where can you find the best Italian Beef Pie around?

Let's take it to the people to see where they're eating some fantastic Italian Beef Pie:

Favorite Italian Beef Pie in Northern Illinois

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