If you live in Illinois, you don't have to go too far to have the World's Best Italian Beef.

I guess it makes sense we have the best on Earth. After all, Chicago is the home of the original.

Juicy Homemade Italian Beef Sandwich
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Here's the best part, you won't have to travel to The Windy City to try the glorious sandwich.

You can eat the World's Best Italian Beef Sandwich in Rockford, Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield, along with just about every suburb surrounding Chicago including the city itself.

Hearty Italian Beef Sandwich
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What I'm saying is, this sandwich is everywhere and apparently it needs to be too.

Taste Atlas listed Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwich as the world's absolute best.

Steve Dolinsky, a food and travel writer apparently said this about the Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwich, per Taste Atlas:

The texture was nice and soft, and the 'juicy' lived up to its billing – my sandwich was totally wet, allowing me to taste the oregano in every soggy bite.

Erica W. on Yelp agrees, saying "The Italian beef sandwich was amazing. It had the perfect amount of spice and flavors." while C Tyron H. adds it's "Not your ordinary Italian beef sandwich."

That said, you can't have the "world's greatest" anything without some folks thinking differently, like Marisela I. who said, "I wish they would have explained how you can order the Italian beef with all the trimmings as we ended up getting a dry beef and bread sandwich. It was disappointing, to say the least."

If you live in Illinois and haven't yet had a Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwich, never fear, Portillo's restaurants are just about everywhere in the state (45 locations to be exact), so go ahead, do yourself a favor and try one today.

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