We're about to be in the prime outdoor grilling months here in the Midwest, as the temperatures start to heat up and the propane tanks are filled up.

However, according to a new ranking of Best Grilling cities in America, several towns in Illinois and Iowa towns are near the bottom.

How do they Rank the Best Cities for Grilling Meat in the U.S.?

The 470 biggest cities and villages in America were ranked by LawnLove using several different metrics to determine which are better and which are worse when it comes to meat grilling.

Interest in grilling, access to a butcher, average cost of meat, and 17 other metrics were used to list the top places to grill in the U.S., and most of the top towns are in the southern half of the country.

America's Top 3 Cities for Grilling Meat

1. Melbourne, Florida (57.70)

Melbourne was ranked #1 for Grilling popularity and one of their top meat markets is Wassi's.

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico (56.58)

Santa Fe's top scores for meat accessibility and cost put this southwestern city near the top in America.

3. Apple Valley, California (55.67)

With an outdoor ranking of #1 on the list, Apple Valley will have some amazing views while you're grilling outside.

Midwest Cities Rank Near Bottom for Meat Grilling

With poor scores for grilling popularity and access to a butcher, two cities in Illinois were among the 10 worst places for grilling meat in the U.S.

Cicero, Illinois Ranks Worst City in America for Grilling Meat

With a score 35.25, Cicero was dead last on the list of Best Cities for Grilling Meat, with poor scores for popularity and access to a butcher.

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Aurora didn't rank much higher with a score of 37.80 putting in #462 on the list out of 469 cities.

There were 10 Illinois cities in the bottom 50 on the list, along with 2 Iowa cities, 2 from Michigan, and 1 from Indiana.

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