Any sign that warmer, brighter days are ahead is something we're all welcoming with wide open arms right now. The temps are rising, the grass is greening, and most of us are all giddy that summer festivals are actually announcing 2021 dates instead of cancellations.

During one of today's social media surfing sessions I discovered some great news for BBQ lovers all over the Stateline area; Smokin' Coop BBQ Pit in Belvidere is opening for the 2021 season on April 8th!

In past years, Smokin' Coop has given us far longer countdowns until their opening day. To see we have less than a week to wait before we can devour mouth-watering BBQ, tender briskets, delicious sandwiches and sides makes me one happy lady!

The number one reason I am so happy to see Smokin' Coop opening for the 2021 season has everything to do with their love and support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. For the last several years, Smokin' Coop BBQ Pit has sold Klondike bars during their weekly Cruise Nights on Wednesdays and donate all of the proceeds from the ice cream sales to St. Jude. Every radiothon they come to the station and present a HUGE check for St. Jude Kids, including this year after suffering through the frustrations and hardships of a worldwide pandemic.

Cruise nights weren't able to happen at Smokin' Coop in 2020, they still sold Klondike bars, but the proceeds from them were no where close to the usual donation amount, so Smokin' Coop's owners reached into their own pockets to make up the difference for St. Jude Kids.

In short, we LOVE Smokin' Coop BBQ Pit, and really hope you get some sauce on your shirt there repeatedly this summer! Enjoy!



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