Kyle Rogers has been missing for one week and the family is left will little information. In a week's time, a Facebook Group has been created, search parties have been organized, and flyers have circulated. Belvidere authorities have been working on the case but, so far, there are no answers to where Kyle might be (or what happened).

Sources close to the family say they've reached out to several organizations to help assist and have been told that they need a request from the detective handling the case to be able to come in. Kyle Rogers' family has requested this and unfortunately, nothing has been done.

Kyle Rogers Poster
Used With Permission

A certified search and rescue expert hinted that Belvidere Police Department may not have the resources (locally) for search efforts, according to an anonymous source from the family.

He insisted the family needs more help and it would not be given unless we rally the media to announce the BPD (sic) is unwilling to help us gain more resources.

The family is also concerned about Kyle Rogers' "Missing Person" flyers being removed from all Belvidere Park District property. After posting flyers around most of Belvidere they discovered their attempts to spread the word regarding Kyle through the Belvidere Park district has resulted in the posters being torn down.

In short, the family is pleading for help with finding Kyle. They desperately need the communities help in keeping search efforts on-going. Through media, businesses, social media, and word of mouth - these are the greatest tools of a tight community and the key to finding a missing person.

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