A brand new era of Minor League baseball in Beloit, Wisconsin begins in the spring of 2021. The team is now looking for your suggestions on a new team name.

Just because there's no minor league play this season, doesn't mean they're not busy. Beloit is one of the busiest cities in the league. At this very moment, a brand new stadium is being built for Beloit's Class A Minor League baseball team. The team's General Manager, Jeff Gray, is anxious to hear our ideas for a new team name.

“To start, we want to make sure that the name on the front of our uniforms represents the fans in the stands that we play for. Starting today, we’re taking submissions from fans with their ideas for a team name that best represents our community.”

Traditional or wild, the organization wants to hear what you've got. To submit your ideas, head to SnappersBaseball.com. The team will collect submissions August 4 - 18 and then present a list of finalists for us to vote on.

[H/T wrex.com]

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