We were already excited to finally see a baseball game in the finished ABC Supply Stadium in Beloit, now we're equally as excited to check out the food.

The first chance to see this beautiful new stadium in the heart of Beloit's Riverbend District will be Thursday night, July 29 for a very special 'movie night.'

Movie Night at ABC Supply Stadium

The gates of the brand new stadium will open to the public for the very first time at 5:30 p.m. on July 29th for a showing of one the best baseball movies of all time, The Sandlot. This will be the first of many Community Movie Nights at the stadium. Get tickets here.

This will also be the first chance we'll get to devour an incredible lineup of tasty food.

Let's Talk Ballpark Food!

There will be plenty of traditional ballpark fare from concession stands around the park, but there will be so much more.

Geronimo Hospitality Group will be premiering six different concepts at ABS Supply Stadium. The group's menus around the city of Beloit have already been pleasing pallets for some time and they plan to continue pleasing us with their creative menus inside the ballpark.



A tip of the cap to Harry Pohlman, whose name is synonymous with Beloit baseball history. This is the spot to grab cheeseburger, veggie burger, chicken tenders, hot dogs and other traditional ball park food.

Sausage Haus

Rich Smith on Unsplash

If it involves sausage, this is where you'll find it. and all the sausages will come from a local supplier, Pinnon's Meats.

el Jefe's


This is where you're going to find me with an arm-load of street tacos. This where you'll grab a giant order of your soon-to-be favorite nachos.

Wisco on a Stick

Blake Guidry on Unsplash

This concept is exactly as it sounds (plus a little more). Carnival food on sticks. Also, cheese curds you'll be telling your friends about, huge funnel cakes and boozy shakes, too.

Big Philly’s


A large variety Philly cheesesteaks await you, here.

The Meat Ball


"Get your meatball sandwich here!"

In the time it took for me to share all of this food news with you, my imagination gained seven pounds. And I'm not done. There's one more new food concept at ABC Supply Stadium,

Food Truck Alley

A rotating selection of food trucks and local vendors will also be on hand on game days.

Opening night for the Beloit Snappers at ABC Supply Stadium is August 3, get tickets here.

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