Head Coach John Fox of the Chicago Bears made it apparent that he does not want his Chicago Bear team mates in trouble between now and the July 29 start of Bourbonnais camp. Here is the message he left with his players as they left from mini summer camp.


As the celebrations concerning the Chicago Blackhawks start to slow down, local fans will turn their attention to the Chicago Bears who have been busy rebuilding.

Head Coach John Fox broke out of mini training camp this week with a message to his team.

David Banks, Getty Images

According to CSNChicago.com, Chicago Bears Head Coach John Fox simply said: “I’ve been saying for a long time and I said it again today: ‘I don’t want to read about you unless you win the lottery. Just make good decisions and that’s no different off the field than it is on the field. You’re trying to play smart, tough and better-conditioned football, and same thing off the field.".

Coach John Fox knows what can happen once players scatter across the country away from the structure that the team provides.

“I’ve got four children and every time they leave the house it’s the same feeling,” Fox said. “Not comparing [players] to children but it’s a big responsibility and I expect them to conduct themselves well whether it’s on or off the field.”

Well said Coach, well said. Curious how many dads and moms will be using that phrase later this week.