Feeling a little restless today and can't seem to concentrate or even feel motivated to at being productive?

Look at baby animals.


No I'm serious. According to my tear off daily Life Hacks calendar it said that when people look at cute baby animals they are able to concentrate and become more productive in their day than those that don't. It said it increases your productivity by 44%.

Here's proof that I'm not making this up.

Susan Tyler; Townsquare Media
Susan Tyler; Townsquare Media

Hmmm... Want to give it a shot?

Here's a video of cute baby animals.

Did it work? Do you feel more energized to take the day on and tackle those jobs?

Well you answered no to that question, at least I added a bit of cuteness to your day to make you smile.

That's something in itself right there.

You're welcome!



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