For over 10 years now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been keeping us glued to our seats. In the first ten years many stories have been told, and we've lost and gained hero's along the way. The final piece of the ten year puzzle Avenger's Endgame has been in theatres for 87 days and it just took the top grossing movie spot of all time.

According to, as of this last Sunday, Endgame has now grossed a whopping $2.79 billion dollars at the global box office. It was no easy feat though. For a long time, Avatar has sat on the top of the list bringing in $2.78 billion worldwide. its crazy though, Avatar was in theatres for 234 days on its initial run. Endgame did it in less that half that. Some say that Superhero fatigue is setting in but with box office numbers like this, It shows we still enjoy watching characters of an unbreakable moral code save the day.

Over the Weekend, Marvel unveiled the future for the next phase in the cinematic universe, Phase 4. On the way it looks like we have several shows coming. Like Falcon and Winter Soldier, Wanda and Vision and Loki. When it comes to movies, it looks like Blade is making a comeback, as well as a new Dr. Strange movie and the Eternals. Marvel is definitely not done yet and I for one am extremely excited.

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