Leave it to Carrie Underwood to point out a hilarious mistake.

Just like you and I, Carrie Underwood does some shopping online, and recently she spotted a hilarious typo on a shopping website. Carrie tweeted:

“Does anyone know what the heck a Crotched Mini Dress is? Ba ha ha ha ha!!! I’m dying! #AutocorrectFail.


Consulting with our resident Q98.5 fashion expert, Steve Summers, I can only assume the dress is supposed to say “crocheted.”

This cracked up Carrie Underwood so much that the tweet went viral. Not sure if Carrie ended up purchasing the dress or not. We'll have to keep an eye out.

Gotta love her sense of humor!

Maybe Carrie will be sporting her new "Crotched Mini Dress" when she appears at the Minnesota Star Fair in August. You could win a trip to see her from Q98.5, check out the details below.