Despite the pandemic professional wrestling is still on tv but with no fans in the seats. Fans are still watching which makes me think we're all desperate for some sort of live "sport" on our screens. I say that because watching wrestling without fan reaction is borderline awful. This, of course, unless a Rockford native is in the ring, which is happening on All Elite Wrestling's YouTube show, AEW DARK.

Auburn Alum, Saleiq Rafeequllah, wrestles as 'Fearless Musa', which is a tribute to his grandfather (named Musa) who Saleiq grew up watching wrestling with as a child in Rockford. He shared what it's like to make it to the big leagues of professional wrestling and opened up about his AEW debut, which undoubtedly felt like butterflies in his stomach. Rafeequllah also says professional wrestling is the plan, there isn't a 'plan b', it's all or nothing, according to his interview with WIFR.

"I was nervous and I was shaking," Rafeequllah said. "Even going back there and seeing all these big names, I was just like, "Is this real?" Now, I'm a little more comfortable."

His efforts and dedication are starting to pay off as he's getting regular exposure with AEW. He told WIFR he's getting requests for indie shows and said he wants to wrestle for in his hometown. Personally, I'd be interested in seeing his in-ring skills in person. Check out one of his matches featured on this week's AEW DARK.

You can buy one of Musa's shirts here.

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