The next big holiday in Illinois is coming up and are you ready to celebrate?

The After The Holidays Blues

I was just talking to a friend about it earlier this week. I am not sure if you get it but each year around this time I get "the after the holiday's blues." From Thanksgiving through the end of the year is so exciting with so many different activities and events that include Christmas. Then all of a sudden it is over. Winter has fully kicked in and there really is not anything to look forward to for a while.


What Holiday Is Next To Look Forward To

I think one thing people look forward to is holidays. Of course, each year ends with the biggest and the best. It takes a bit for the next one to kick in. So, which one is coming up next on the calendar that will make us all excited? Easter? No, too far off. St. Patrick's Day? Nope, that does not happen until mid-March. St. Valentine's Day? If you do not have a significant other, it is no fun. Super Bowl? That is not until a couple of weeks into February now. I've got it. The answer is Groundhog Day.


Groundhog Day Is Becoming A Thing

I know what you are thinking, this guy must be crazy. Serious, you watch. Within the next few years, Groundhog Day is going to become a big deal. Feel free to jump on the bandwagon early. For example, check out the party they have for Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania for the "shadow or no shadow" unveiling. That gets crazy. People from all over the world attend that event. There is a place in Illinois that has the potential.


Illinois Hosts Its Own Groundhog Day Party

Do you remember the movie, "Groundhog Day?" Of course, you do because it is legendary. Well, part of that motion picture was filmed not too far from Rockford in Woodstock. In honor of that fun flick, the town now hosts an annual event.

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Groundhog Days In Woodstock, Illinois

The city of Woodstock takes its history with the movie "Groundhog Day" seriously. So much so, they have taken the holiday to the next level. Normally, the actual "shadow or no shadow" sighting event takes place on February 2nd. Well, in Woodstock, not only do they host a festival but it is held for several days.

Groundhog Days takes place from January 28th through February 2nd. Besides the prognostication, there are tons of other events and activities including a pub crawl, viewing of the movie, tour of filming locations, trivia, games, dinners, dancing, storytelling, open houses, memorabilia, and so much more. Overall, it sounds like a great time for the whole family.

For more info, HERE.

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