Going to Hawaii is a bucket list item for me, but it's expensive. I'm always looking for the cheapest way to make my dream vacation a reality, but the Hawaii trip that Arby's  will be offering starting Friday is where I draw the line.

A $6 round-trip to Hawaii works perfectly with my budget, but the total time you get to spend in paradise with this "round-trip" definitely does not.

Are you confused? Just check this Arby's post out:

For the record, I LOVE King's Hawaiian Buns, and I'm sure they taste even better when surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii, but I cannot deal with 18 hours of total travel time  to spend only 6 hours in paradise. Is it worth it to you?

If you're screaming "YES, it's totally worth it" right now, find out how you can purchase your $6 Hawaii trip tickets here. 

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