The Gap is no more at the Cherryvale Mall or even the old Machesney Park Mall, but for some people, the music they played, in store, back in the 90's is a 'must have.'

Back in the day, shopping at the Gap was all the rage. When you stepped into the Cherryvale store, your ears will filled with a selection of music that the "thinkers" at corporate thought branded the appeal of the store. The music selection was intended to uphold the identity of the store.

Customers most likely never paid attention to the music, but If you worked there, you definitely noticed. Really? Yep, someone wants a list of all the music the store blasted through the loud speakers, while you boss was shouting at you: "Those shirts won't fold themselves!"

So why would anyone want to have a list of these? Nostalgia, of course. All Gap stores, including Stateline stores all played the same music that was sent to the stores by cassette tape of CD.

Micahel Bise, who worked at the Gap in it's heyday, is so infatuated with the music played in store,  that he is looking for anyone else who worked at the Gap who may have copies of the song playlists. He has searched far and wide and found a bunch. In fact, he posted the Gap playlists he's collected from 1992-2006 for everyone to see.

Here is a portion of what you may have heard if you walked into the gap in 1992. How many of these artists do you remember or even know? (If any): photo


Let's jump to 1997

Anyone have Copies of the Old Gap Playlists From 90's? photo

Michael has collected hundreds of playlists and is looking for more. Michaels says his goal is to:

Celebrate the phenomenon that was the Gap from those years, throughout the clothing, commercials, music, and overall cultural impact.

Click HERE if you are interested on reliving your days shopping at the Gap in Rockford and Machesney Park.



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