Well, you if you lose over 25 pounds during the off-season, your ring finger probably shrinks, too. Anthony Rizzo knows that now.

It seems that the Cubs first-baseman and his wife Emily were out boating on Lake Michigan last Friday, having a great time, when things took a turn for the worse.

They'd stopped at the gas dock, and Rizzo (being a good citizen in the hygiene department) had just washed his hands. As he shook the water off his now germ-free mitts, his wedding ring went sailing into the depths of Belmont Harbor. All thanks to his newly slimmed-down hands.

To make matters even worse, Rizzo had an appointment that he had to get to, and couldn't stick around to search.

He did, however, reach out to someone who could.

A diver named Yohei Yamada.

Yamada has made quite a name for himself recently as a guy who can find lost treasures in the water.

With Emily Rizzo sticking around hoping for some good luck, and to point out the right direction to search, Yohei Yamada got to work. After 90 minutes of searching the weeds 20 or so feet down, Yamada hit paydirt, and came to the surface holding Rizzo's wedding band.

Yohei Yamada, Facebook
Yohei Yamada, Facebook

According to Yamada, Anthony Rizzo had a two-word reaction to his ring being returned from the depths.

Was it "thank you?"


It was "***k Yes!"


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