Animal sacrifices of pigs, goats and chickens have been discovered at several Cook County forest preserves.

Fox32 is reporting that 'parts' of animals were reported last weekend to officials from residents who were walking through the Cook County Forest Preserve in Northwest Suburban Forest Glen. Residents reported that they found several severed animal heads and that one of the animals, a goat,  had a red strip of cloth was wrapped around it's head. According to Fox32:

Forest Preserve records show at least five reports of dismembered animals found in the past two years, including goats, chickens, roosters and pigeons.


Reports of animal sacrifices were also reported at other Cook County Forest Preserves.

Interestingly, animal sacrifices are protected by the US Constitution, but are not allowed on forest preserve grounds. No information of animal sacrifices occurring in Winnebago County forest preserves has been uncovered.