A suspension and a fine have been announced for Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks

The incident occurred at Tuesday night's Blackhawks vs Blues playoff game in Chicago. ESPN reports that Shaw was sent to the penalty box after an interference call in the third period. While in the in the box, Shaw could be seen banging on the glass, using his stick. He also was observed yelling at someone on the ice.

By early Wednesday morning, video of Shaw was being circulated online, ESPN reports that "You Can Play project", an organization that supports inclusiveness in  sports tweeted out a video of the incident and noted that it was planning to contact the NHL.

The Washington Post reports that Shaw appears to have shouted, “F— you, you f—ing f—-t.”

ESPN says that Shaw has been suspended one game, will receive a $5000.00 fine and will have to undergo sensitivity training.

The NHL issued the following statement:

Here is video of Shaw's apology

Jonathan Toews says he and the team all stand by Shaw's apology

The Blackhawks certainly don't need this kind of distraction as they are on the verge of elimination from the NHL playoffs. Shaw will miss Game 5 in St. Louis on Thursday.