Rockford has quite a few old buildings still standing around town and in the past few years we've seen less and less of them do to demolition. According to, The old Diocese of Rockford Chancery on north Court street seems to be next on the list. But it seems the building isn't going down without a fight. The Rockford City Council was called into it's first meeting of the year due to community activists begging members to not demolish the building. The activist are hoping that the city grants the building Historical status so it can be saved.


There are a lot old buildings that have been torn down and most of them have just become empty parking lots and that's not what anyone really wants. One activist said " When the Chicago Tribune wrote the article on Rockford they didn't come here to talk about parking lots, they came to talk about the wonderful things going on in Rockford's Downtown area". As of now they are waiting on the Rockford Historical Preservation commission to hold a hearing on the fate of the old Rockford Chancery.


These old buildings are beautiful and so much can be done with them. I feel some of these building should be saved just by looking at the architecture alone. If they do demolish more old buildings around town there should be a plan in place to build something else there instead of letting it just become a parking lot.

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