My husband and I are about to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, and I just came across something new in Rockford that makes me want to rewind time and plan our wedding day all over again.

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Are you getting married soon and want something small and intimate?

Do you have a class reunion, bridal, or baby shower to plan soon?

Do you just want an excuse to plan an awesome party?

Check out Meridian Nursery's brand new Silos event venue!

Meridian Nursery Inc. via Facebook
Meridian Nursery Inc. via Facebook

Honestly, I can't decide what I like most about the new Silos event center from just seeing these pictures. Is it the rustic-chic farmhouse look I'm totally digging? Is it the uniqueness of it? Maybe it's just the fact that any event you host at Silos is guaranteed to be intimate and memorable.

How Silos Came a Reality at Meridian Nursery

If you're anything like me, you are probably wondering how Meridian Nursery came up with the idea for Silos, and more importantly, how did they pull it off? I think this will answer all your questions, and my mind is BLOWN they got it all done in just three months...

I hope you paid special attention to the part where Meridian Nursery said they have special events of their own coming soon to Silos, and that they are taking bookings for the space now. Silos rentals can only be booked by emailing, so don't pick up the phone and call Meridian Nursery as soon as you read this, you'll just get redirected.

To my husband and family I would like to say; don't forget I have a birthday coming soon, and this looks like the perfect place to take me and celebrate. LOL!

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