Hopefully these questions weren't that hard this week.  

This week, we are giving away a four pack of extra value meals from McDonalds. So make sure to be listening each weekday around 6:40.

Wake Up Club Morning Perk Trivia (Week of 8/29-9/2)

Monday: Just over 50% of dog owners say they use ther pooch for this very modern purpose. What is it?

Answer: Being their social media avatar photo

Winner: Kristina from Byron

Tuesday: Nearly one in five Americans admit that they are guilty of this party no-no. What is it?

Answer: Double-dipping a chip.

Winner: Tammy of Dixon

Wednesday: When it comes to appearance, 70% of women prefer their men to have this. What is it?

Answer: Brown or Black hair

Winner: Lori from Machesney Park

Thursday: Just about 40 percent of us have made this fashion mistake at least once--men and women are equally likely to do it. What is it?

Answer: Going out with a price tag on our clothes

Winner: Sara from Rockton


Friday: 13% of Americans use their smartphone for this--that's three times as many as just five years ago. What is it?

Answer: Read a book.

Winner: Jack of Loves Park