It's been quite a while since I've been looking forward to tax time.  Whoever said getting married came with tax benefits definitely wasn't married to my ex-husband.

Thanks to his irresponsibility, the federal government took our refund two years in row for a total of close to $11,000. Pro-tip: if you cash out your 401K, you have to claim that as earned income.

Now that I'm single again, and hopefully thanks to President's Trump's new tax plan, I'll actually get a refund this year...if it doesn't get stolen first.

According to CBS News, the IRS is already sending out a warning to tax preparers about a new refund scam that could cost you your refund.

As it stands, the IRS believes the scam started in tax preparation offices after preparers were taken in by phishing scams that loaded malicious software onto their computers, giving thieves access to your information.

Once they have that information, not only can they steal your refund before you even receive it, you can also get a bogus refund that comes directly to your bank account. Just as you're about to spend it, you'll get a call from someone claiming that it was sent to you in error and ask that you forward the money directly into the hands of crooks.

This is a fairly new form of fraud and experts suggest you should always be on guard and "make sure that you keep updated security software on your home computer and ask any tax preparer you hire how your data is protected."

Also, make sure you include the new 16-digit indentifiers from your W2 on your tax return, this helps the IRS know that the return came from you; not a criminal.

For more information and in-depth details about this scam, click here.

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