On Tuesday morning, a natural gas pipeline in Nachusa, outside of Dixon, exploded and a massive fire broke out. Video of the devastation is absolutely jaw-dropping.

ABC7 reported that two people died, and two were injured as a result of the explosion. Flames and dark smoke could could be seen billowing into the air for a time after the explosion.  When the flames dies down the aftermath of the devastation was shocking.

In the video, flames can still be seen from below the ground surface. The video below shows the situation earlier on Tuesday Morning when the flames at it's peak. if you look closely you can also see two burned-up tractors and a pickup truck.


Earlier, black smoke and flames could be seen shooting upwards of nearly 150 above the ground.

The accident was a result of farm workers that installing a tile to help with ground moisture. The individuals were using a tractor which got stuck. The workers used a second tractor to try to free the stuck tractor when the second tractor lost traction when the pipeline exploded.

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