According to, "Dillon Scott — a Bureau County man with Streator family — has been missing for two years since he disappeared Feb. 28, 2016, following an early morning minor traffic crash in rural Spring Valley."

His mother, Becky, and sister, Stephanie, have confirmed they haven't spoken to Dillon since the event. Even though they both hold out hope both believe he has passed away. Either by being stranded in the elements or by foul play from someone he knew.

One theory they don't believe is that Dillon has been hiding to avoid a jail sentence.

"It's been so hard," Becky said, crying. "My Dillon was such a momma's boy. He would never stay away from me this long. I want to have hope that he's still alive, but I know he is not. It is ridiculous for the police to think he is alive and just hiding somewhere. I think he is still out there in those woods somewhere — possibly murdered."

No parent should have to bury their own children. The only thing worse is having nothing to bury nor confirmation that your child is even deceased.

According to, Becky said, "I need answers. It's killing me with every day that goes by not knowing what happened to my son. I want the truth. I need the truth. If people only knew how hard it is to wake up and go to bed without knowing — dead or alive — where he is. If he was alive and able to call, why hasn't he? We were very close."

I really hope she gets her answers. Soon.

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