Danica Patrick's NASCAR career ends with a crash.

At the end of last season, NASCAR driver and Roscoe, Illinois native, Danica Patrick,  announced she was retiring from racing.

Her farewell tour would be competing in two more races, Daytona 500 and Indy 500. She has a history of success in both, so it seemed like the perfect send-off.

Race one, Daytona 500, was this past weekend and there was no storybook ending. Her NASCAR career ended with a crash.

Video: Crash at Daytona 500 ends Danica Patrick's day and career

Besides retiring, she has been in the news lately for another reason. It's about her relationship with a new boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers. Patrick and the Green Bay Packer quarterback became an item a few weeks ago.

Of course, Rodgers was in Daytona to support his new girlfriend. He made the classic move of giving her a good luck kiss before the race.

Video: Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers pre-race kiss

I don't think that was the type of luck Danica was looking for. Hey Aaron, you might want to avoid the pre-race kiss before the Indy 500.


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