A Rockford Family of a World War II veteran is seeking help to receive his lost purple heart medal.

WTVO News reports that 89 year old World War II veteran, Phillip Skoblikoff, who fought and was wounded in W.W.II never received his purple heart medal for fighting for our country.

"89-year-old Phillip Skoblikoff served in the Pacific theater in the 1940's. He served as a medic for U.S. Army combat infantry and also played in the band. He was wounded during fighting on Okinawa. Skoblikoff’s family has preserved documents from seventy years ago which document his service but the papers he needed to receive his purple heart were damaged.

Lisa Carlson, Skoblikoff's daughter said that "It's to my understanding that a lot of his service records were burned in a fire."

Family members and care givers are seeking on Phillips behalf to finally get the purple heart medal he deserves while he is still here among them.

WTVO got the family in touch with Casey Gorham who works in Congressman Adam Kinzinger's office who deals specifically with veterans. They will keep us up to date on what progresses from there.

Wow! I really hope they can finally get that medal the Mr. Skoblikoff deserves. We owe him as well as all of veterans so much for the sacrifices the made to keep us safe.