For this Wisconsin pizza delivery guy, his ordinary delivery was anything but ordinary.

Thanks to his quick thinking he saved a woman's life.

WGN shares that Domino's Pizza delivery driver, Joey Grundl, came upon a scene delivering a pizza that thanks to his observant behavior and quick thinking saved a woman's life.

When delivering the pizza he noticed in the background a woman. Joey Grundl said that he "gave [the cutomer] his pizza, and noticed behind him was his girlfriend. She pointed to a black eye that was quite visible. She mouthed the words 'call police.'"

Joey immediately called 911 after making his delivery and told the 911 Operator

"I had a delivery. It was a middle-aged couple. The woman clearly had a black eye. She pointed to it, and I swear she mouthed 'help me.'"

According to the report that was filed police arrested 55-year-old Dean Hoffman of Gafton, WI. Hoffman entered his ex-girlfriends house on September 27th without permission then bound and gagged her after she told him to leave and she tried to call the police.

After about 30 minutes he then untied his ex-girlfriend but forbid her to leave the house. Then a decision to order pizza was made.

It was that pizza order and Domino's pizza delivery guy, Joey Grundl, that were the key to getting help to this woman.

"Hoffman now faces charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim and burglary of a building."

Thank God Joey was there and saw what was happening and did something. I would hate to think what would have happened to this woman.

Joey was definitely the hero of the day. Just goes to show you that real heroes don't always wear capes.







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