Well today's the day of the first Wild Card game that the Cubs have been in since 2008.

For all those late comers, aka: fair weather and bandwagon jumpers, to join the Cubs Fever, here's a quick guide to catch up on our "lovable losers" so you can be in the know with this post season game.

DNAInfo's lists several important facts that I found to be most helpful for those who really have paid any attention to the Cubs until now that the World Series may be in grasp.

If you want to sound like you know what you're talking about then I suggest you take notice of this. Here are just a few questions to guide you along.

- Why do the Cubs rub their helmets when they get a hit?

It's because Starlin Castro did it for no real reason and then Johnny Herrera did it and now everyone on the team does it.

- What's up with the "We Are Good" motto?

"It started with a tweet by catcher Miguel Montero. His teammates like to ride him for his broken English tweets, but after an early season win, Montero tweeted "#wearegood" and his teammates loved it and latched on."

- Why are they playing just one game against the Pirates?

To get all technical on you it's because Major League Baseball made changes in the 2012 post season and "added what it calls a play-in game. That game pits against each other the two teams in each league with the best records that didn't win their division, or the Wild Cards." That's why the Cubs and Pirates are playing this game.

- Is Jake Arrieta the pitcher they gave a $155 Million Dollar contract too?

Nope. That was Jon Lester. However, Jake Arrieta, the dude with the bushy bread, has proven to be the best trade the Cubs made in 2013 with Orioles.

- Why are the Cubs so popular?

Because they're the Cubs. They are our lovable losers that we all root for to win. Everyone loves an underdog. With 107 year World Series drought, the Cubs are exactly that.

- It seems like forever since the Cubs were in the playoffs, when were they in the playoffs?

"The Cubs have been in the playoffs seven times in 31 years (1984, 1989, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2015). Before that run, the Cubs failed to make the playoffs from 1945 until 1984, a 39-year drought." Ouch... that hurts. Now you understand the above question of their popularity and being lovable losers.

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I love the Cubs, however I will confessed I really hadn't watched much of them until this season as it was too painful to see them struggle and continue to lose. It seemed that if I didn't watch them they did better so I kept my distance. It appears doing that, it worked.

I never stopped hoping or believing in them. I knew they just needed to get a great leader in there, which Joe Maddon is, to turn it around. Looks like that's working too.

Good luck Cubbies. We believe in you!