Ever been the recipient of a wrong text number?

Just think what would happen if you texted the wrong number, like this family did, to announce a baby's birth, and you not only received a gift but a visit from the wrongly texted person?

That's exactly what happened to this family. Lindsey and Mark Lashely announced the birth of their son, Cason Knox, in a group text to other family members and friends and one of the numbers was wrong. They texted Dennis Williams. Although Dennis let them know they had the wrong number he still was kind enough to show up to the hospital with his brother baring a gift for the new baby.

Click the highlighted Imgur link below to see and read the whole story.

Wow! I think that is so cool. Showing up to see the family and baby and even brought a gift! Dennis and Derrius Williams are certainly nice guys and, in this case, really are good deed doers. Don't you think so?  

By the way, Q98.5 is on the lookout for good deed doers. We need to hear your story of a good deed done to you or maybe one you've witnessed and let us know who that person is. We want to award them for their kindness with a platter full of yummy goodies and treats from Mary's Market.

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