Shocking new research released in late August found that Illinois teens, were more likely to text behind the wheel compared to the average of teens in other states.

The fact that these numbers are so high comes as a surprise as Illinois teens, fresh out of driver's ed, have been educated non-stop on the dangers of texting while driving.  This news comes also comes on the heels of new legislation, that goes into effect July 1, 2019, that will increase the penalties of texting while driving. The new law will make texting and driving in Illinois a moving violation and go on your permanent driving record.

35 states contributed to the research. (Wisconsin was not included)

Here's how Illinois ranks compared to it's surrounding states according to the Journal Of Adolescent Health:

ILLINOIS: 42% of teens text while driving
MICHIGAN: 39% of teens text while driving
KENTUCKY: 37% of teens text while driving

Teens in South Dakota ranked dead last as they had the highest percentage of high school student texting and driving at a whopping 64%

So where are teen drivers getting the message? Only 26% Students in Maryland admitting to texting while driving.

The results were based on data from 35 states that administered the State Youth Risk Behavior Survey.


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