At first glance, there is a type of plant that is perfect for those without green thumbs and can't keep any plant alive. But, with a little searching, you will quickly learn these plants can be fatal for your pets, specifically dogs.

Described as a "plant of steel", the Sago Palm a perfect "beginner" plant available at Lowe's in Rockford.

The house plant is an ideal choice for beginners and brings an element of interest to almost any room. Grows best with 3-4 hours of high, indirect light per day, like on your dining room table. Slow-growing plant is durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.

What Can Happe and What To Look For

The problem is these plants are poisonous for your pooch especially if they chew on the plan or leaves.

The leaves from the sago palm can cause severe damage to the liver and potentially death when they are ingested by dogs.

Some signs your dog may be sick from chewing on poisonous plants include vomiting, blood in their feces, increased thirst and urination, yellow gums and skin, and more, according to Pet MD.

Other Dangerous Plants

Other plants that are poisonous for dogs are Aloe vera, ivy, zz plant, peace lily, desert rose, and more.

Possible Alternative

If you have any poisonous plants in your yard or anything you don't want your dog chewing on there's a recommended spray that doesn't stain or leave behind an odor. It's called Bitter YUCK! and you can find it here.

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