The flag that rallied all American's on that gruesome and dark day of September 11, 2001. Mysteriously disappeared has now been found!

In a report through WREX that famous flag we all saw erected at Ground zero with the Firemen, disappeared during the site cleanup. It wasn't until November 2014 when police began to investigate after a flag, reported to be the flag that hung over Ground Zero, was dropped off at the Everett,WA fire department.

The Everett Police Department along with forensic specialists conducted an investigation which "included DNA analysis, photographic comparisons and eyewitness identification" and found that this flag did indeed match the flag that went missing from the Ground Zero area.

How the flag wound up in Washington, on the complete other side of the country, from where it hung in New York city over the former World Trade Center site is still a mystery. The important thing is, that it's been found and now will be returned and "donated to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum" in New York city.

Wow! I'm glad it was found. It's an important piece of our history. That day will forever be a day that world stopped turning for many of us. It's my generations "Day of Infamy".


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