We've all thought it when we hear about the death of a child who was left in a hot car: "How could those parents be so stupid?" or "I would never forget my child in the car." Truth is, tragic deaths such as these can happen to anyone, and are not always caused by a parent's forgetfulness. 

The worst thing a parent can ever do is think it could never happen to us. You-know-what happens all the time, so we need to be prepared and extra cautious. You could have a pet or child accidentally lock themselves in a car, which happened to Carrie Underwood this past weekend. Or, you could have a child who now likes to climb into the front seat of your car to pretend their driving, like what happened to me this weekend. Both of these things could end very tragically in just the blink of an eye.

Here's 7 tips to follow from Today Parents to prevent a hot car related death:

1. Look before you lock. Open the backdoor and look in the backseat to assure that everyone is out of the car (even if you think you are childless).

2. Keep something you need in the backseat. Put your cell phone, briefcase, computer, lunch, ID badge, left shoe, or anything essential to your daily routine beside your child.

3. Travel with a furry companion. Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat. When baby is in the seat, the stuffed animal rides shotgun. The furry passenger serves as a reminder that baby's in the back.

4. Always lock the doors. Even if the car is in the garage, keep the doors locked to prevent curious children from getting into the car.

5. Put the keys and fobs away. Kids might want to play with keys and be able to get into the car without parents knowledge.

6. Have a plan with childcare provider. If your child does not show up to daycare or school without prior notice, someone should call to locate child.

7. If you see something, do something. If you see a child alone in a car, do not hesitate to call 911.

Share these tips with your family and friends today. These reminders will keep everyone you love safe.