Lately Stateline area emergency rooms have reported treating record breaking numbers of patients, making E.R. wait times even longer and more unbearable. It's a good thing all three of our local hospitals are introducing new pieces of technology that should make these horrendous wait times a thing of the past. 

Rockford Memorial, Swedish American, and OSF Saint Anthony are all offering new systems which aim to shorten wait times, basically by allowing less emergent cases to wait at home.

Swedish American is using an iTriage app which notifies the hospital when a patient is on the way so they may prepare for their arrival. Saint Anthony is offering OSF On Call  which allows patients to call in,or use video to talk to a doctor for diagnosis to determine if an emergency room visit is necessary.

Rockford Memorial is offering In Quicker, and here are some details on how this service works...


Now it is time for my personal plead; please don't abuse these new services.  The hospitals are doing their best to shorten our misery, so let's thank them by being honest. Tell the truth about your symptoms and illnesses, and we'll all benefit.

Please, and thank you.