I like to think I am a person who keeps a pretty clean home, but that being said, I will also acknowledge that lately it has been a bit messier than I prefer to admit. Life gets busy, kids trash things, and there just sometimes aren't enough hours in the day. Instead of feeling guilty about your slobbiness, embrace it, because in some cases slothy behavior can be beneficial. Seriously.

If you've ever been called a slob, thank the Readers Digest now for giving us these 7 surprising reasons why it's better to be messy:

  1. Never making your bed prevents dust mites - These nasty little critters love to feed of your dead skin cells and moisture left on your sheets. Making your bed every day and tucking in every corner seals in moisture, (a.k.a sweat) allowing these little buggers to thrive.
  2. Not washing your hair daily gives you a better 'do - Hairdressers everywhere will tell you that day-old hair looks and styles better, plus it's a proven fact that washing your hair daily strips it of essential oils needed to keep it looking awesome.
  3. Being lazy keeps your blood pressure lower - No, this fact is not giving you an excuse to give up exercising, but simply doing nothing from time-to-time is very good for mental health and lowering blood pressure.
  4. Not caring about how you dress helps to avoid "fashion fatigue" - Basically, having too many choices in life adds to stress, and this fact also applies to your wardrobe. Limited choices leads to easier decisions; simple as that.
  5. Dirty and cluttered desks boost creativity - Some psychologists and studies have found that clean work environments can encourage playing it safe, but messy environments can inspire and produce fresh insights.
  6. Dirty jeans last longer - You don't have to be a genius to figure out that washing and drying denim causes it to fade, which will make it wear out faster and lose it's shape. Yes, skin cells, bacteria and sweat are transferred to our clothing while we wear it, but the good news according to scientists is, most skin organisms are not harmful to us, so wear those dirty jeans without fear!
  7. Dirty kids are healthier - It's a proven fact that exposure to common bacteria boosts the body's inflammatory and immune systems. Shelter your kid too much, and they will be one sickly little sucker.


Remember, excessive slobbiness is not healthy, but at least now you have a defense the next time your Mom yells at you for not making your bed or washing your hair. Bonus!


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