Let's face it, the flu sucks. Last winter the flu sent over 18,000 Americans to the hospital, and since over 60 percent of Americans neglect to get a flu shot each year, those nasty flu germs are EVERYWHERE! Here's 6 ways to fight the flu that most of us probably never thought of.


Sure we all take our vitamins during flu season,and make sure to wash our hands often, but here's 6 beneficial things you need to add to your "stay healthy" regimen according to Dr. Oz:

  1. Clean your screen - Research has found that some smart phones carry more bacteria than a toilet seat, and we constantly have that thing in our hands and on our face!
  2. Rest Up - Research has found it's the sleep we get BEFORE coming down with the flu that really matters.
  3. Scrub Like a Surgeon - The flu virus can live outside the body for up to 8 hours, so a quick little rinse with water and soap won't do the trick. Dr. Oz offers the tip of using a pen and marking each palm with an "X" . Wash hands until both marks are gone, and then make note of how long that scrubbing took. From then on, wash your hands for that long each time you're at the sink.
  4. Get More Vitamin D - It's been proven that Vitamin D plays a big role in immune function. People with low levels in their blood are more likely to get sick.
  5. Monitor the Spread - There really is an app for everything these days, including flu outbreaks. Dr. Oz suggest downloading FluView to keep up to date on the flu virus in your area.
  6. Alternate Your Meds - Talk to your doctor about switching between acetaminophen and ibuprofen every 4 to 6 hours when you do get the flu. Each medication acts differently in the body, so basically you would be fighting the illness from all directions by doing this.