There are restaurants in Rockford that serve unforgettable meals that you won't find anywhere else. The meals that locals take visitors to have.

Every city has a flavor, the greater Rockford area (including Loves Park and Machesney Park, is no different. There are meals crafted and served in this city that can be defined as 'so Rockford.' As a city, we may disagree on some things, but we all love our city's food choices. That really shows by how often we return to a place to have that iconic meal again and again.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for snacks, these are Rockford's 5 Most Iconic Restaurant Meals, in no particular order. Including dine in & carry out.

A breakfast visit to Stockholm Inn for their famous Swedish pancakes.

(Stockholm's breakfast buffet is a tremendous choice too)


A gyro combo, with fries, from Uncle Nick's. If you throw in some baklava, you have a true iconic Rockford meal at 2 o'clock in the morning.


It would be hard to find a Rockfordian who hasn't carried out a Lino's pizza special on a Friday night. A big pie, some special salad and a 2-liter bottle of soda.


Rockford's magnificent Maria's Italian restaurant may be gone, but those recipes followed Joe Cason, to Joe's Casa Di Amici on Riverside. And that is where the much-loved Shrimp DeJonghe can be devoured, along with that amazing bread and special salad.


The first iconic Rockford meal I ever ate was in the hotel I called home when I moved here in 1995. The prime rib from the Hoffman House. All I have to do is spend 15 seconds thinking about it and I can taste it.

I can't eat ALL the meals, but my waistline shows that I've tried. Thank you for your help with compiling this list. There were many more meals suggested that didn't make this list. Find out if they're some of your favorites too, by clicking the Facebook link below.

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