One of the benefits of living in the northern midwest is watching the beauty of nature when seasons change. There's a downfall, though, it's seasonal depression, which is a very real thing. Medically speaking, it's officially labeled 'seasonal affective disorder' a.k.a. S.A.D.

Dr. Eric Trautmann, at SwedishAmerican Hospital, explained to Eyewitness News how this disorder occurs.

Trautmann says the lack of sun can make it challenging for the human body to get the right amount of Vitamin D.

If you find yourself in an unusual slump or feeling a little off, you're not alone, not in the least. Many folks are feeling the same as you and it is not necessarily related to COVID or the current events in our country, though those factors aren't helping. But, there's is a solution for under $50. It may seem trendy or a "fad" but, Dr. Trautmann confirmed this will help with S.A.D.

Light therapy lamps are slowly popping into homes and personal office spaces around the country and they seem to be helping. It won't be the 100% cure but it is as close as you can get if you're looking for help with getting Vitamin D in the winter when the weather is grey and gloomy.

The primary treatment, still, is bright light therapy [which] can be very effective and you can buy [devices] that provide bright light [for] half an hour a day,” he said. “It’s usually more effective in the morning than in the evening. (Dr. Trautmann via Eyewitness News)

Here are the five best-selling light therapy lamps available on Amazon:

5 Best-Selling Light Therapy Lamps on Amazon

You can find these lamps and many more options HERE.

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