If it made you sick, would you do it?

In short, participants will stay in an extended-stay quarantined hotel room while exposed to a flu virus. Medical researchers will then test vaccines during, what could be, a 12-day stay. Along with the room, subjects will get catered meals, tv, internet, view of the arch, and a hefty paycheck when it's all said and done.

The virus (a.k.a. the catch) would be the dose of a flu virus delivered through a nasal spray before receiving a flu shot or placebo.

According to STL Today,

The participants will be watched around the clock for symptoms of the flu — fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough. Their blood and mucus will be repeatedly tested for signs of the virus, and those who do come down with the flu must test negative for two consecutive days before checking out.

So, you go through this ... experience... and leave $3,500 richer? That doesn't seem too awful... unless something bad happens. Yes, if you get sick your medical costs are covered.

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