I love Sinnissippi Park, as do most people, who live in or visit Rockford. But some people don't, and it's funny what some people have to say about one of Rockford's treasures.

In this internet and social media age, people will express their opinions, positive and often negative about some of the things we enjoy most, including Rockord's number one landmark: Sinnissippi Park.

Yes, you can go onto Trip Advisor and share your opinion about any attraction or even a popular landmark. While 67 out of 70 people who reviewed Sinnissippi Park gave the place thumbs up, not everyone had a positive experience.

Most people say the place offers wonderful gardens with a great walking path and a great place spend the day in with the whole family and, of course, hosts the holiday festival of lights in December.

Here are three reviews that are not so good.

We have withheld the names to protect the complainers:

Bad Review #1:

“Ditch the Park...!”
2 of 5 stars


The park is quite lame, but the amphitheater is awesome when they have shows in the summer and the trails are nice too.

Bad Review #2:

2 of 5 stars


Nice place to walk. A few swings. A small playground. Picnic tables but no where to park unless you want to walk a ways.

Bad Review #3:

“Festival of Lights - yawn”
2 of 5 stars



Right by Sinissippi, in December, there is a Festival of Lights. Here's what it basically consists of: a bunch of local businesses get some Lite-Brite boards and spell out holiday greetings. Then, they space them pretty far apart around the park. I am only slightly exaggerating. It's pretty underwhelming.

Lite-Brite boards, hilarious, really? You're going to knock Sinnissippi Park? C'mon, you'd probably take ice cream away from a kid on summer day. Have you visited? Comment below and share your review.

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